Joseph Calarco

UX/Product Designer

I am a UX Design generalist with a passion for emerging technologies, driven by a desire to have an impact on their foundational design principles. I wish to be a part of making them as intuitive, accessible, and empowering as possible so that nobody, particularly those who feel alienated or intimidated, is left behind.

Image by Joshua Rodriguez
"Display Now" logo in laptop mockup


Display Now

Display Now is a design overhaul of, a tool for digital sign creation and distribution. The startup is competing with brands such as OptiSigns and Screen Cloud.



Still is an app concept for photographers, lovers of photography, and NFT photography sellers/collectors.

Grey scale image of sand dunes.
"Still" app mockup: login screen


Haiba Labs

Haiba Labs is a stealth startup creating a platform for dynamic, non-linear, immersive storytelling. It is run by developer alumni from Google Spotlight Stories who helped build "Pearl," the first VR film to be nominated for an Oscar. I am working with a team to design a method of creating lighting scenarios. 

Coming soon
A spotlight shining though haze from the lower left to upper right hand corner.


One collaborative design process into another...

I had been a theater artist and educator for years. These experiences gave me invaluable tools to enrich my processes in the world of UX and Product Design. Before I even knew what UX Design was, I had been preparing for it for most of my life.